Blue-Light FAQs

Q: Do glasses with blue light blocking technology really work?
Yes, Blue-Light glasses do work because they come with filters that protect your retina from harming blue light.
Q: Do Blue Light glasses help with eye strain?
Glasses with blue light blocking technology reduce eye strain. Blue light is high-energy mainly because of its short wavelength. It can result in eye strain if you have prolonged exposure to blue light, and Blue Light glasses certainly help.
Q: How do Blue Light glasses work?
Blue Light glasses filter incoming blue light and stop it from reaching your eyes.
Q: Who should use Blue Light glasses?
Anyone who spends significant time using screens should consider using Blue Light glasses.
Q: Do Blue Light glasses help increasing focus?
Blue Light glasses reduce eye strain that can result in making eyes less tired that enhances your focus.
Q: When is the best time to wear Blue-Light glasses?
We recommend wearing these glasses when using the computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
Q: Are there any side effects of Blue-Light glasses?
Blue-light glasses are safe for the eyes and will not cause any issues for vision. In fact, our Blue Light glasses are FDA certified. They are the best way to protect your eyes from blue light and adverse effects.
Q: Do they hurt eyes at the beginning?
There could be a slight period of adjustment if you have never used any clear glasses before. However, they won’t hurt the eyes
Q: How can I tell if my glasses are Blue Light glasses?
You can test them with your computer and see if they reflect a blue light. But it is advised to order them from a reputable company like Eye Wear Blue that sells only FDA certified glasses. It will ensure that you get what was promised.
Q: What else the Blue Light glasses help with?
They protect the retina from blue light, they reduce eye strain and help in better sleep.